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4 Extraordinary Exercises To Improve Grip Strength For Pullups

As a fitness enthusiast, your grip strength should be top-notch so you can perform any possible exercise or workout. 

Don’t you know how to increase your grip strength? Let us tell you that in order to do that, you have to have commitment, passion, and consistency. 

And you need to be specific as well when your main objective is to improve your grip strength for pullups because it requires extreme strength and stamina. 

However, a couple of grip-strengthening exercises and workouts can take your pullup strength to a new level. 

Let’s get to know about them:

1.     Hand Grippers

Hand Grippers

One of the best possible ways to increase your weak grip strength for pullups is to start using hand grippers.

At first, it will be extremely difficult for you to close these grippers but make sure you choose a resistance level according to your strength.

Once you successfully squeeze and crush hand grippers of certain resistance levels, you can go to the higher resistance level to challenge your grip.

As a beginner, there is no way you should feel discouraged if you don’t manage to squeeze a gripper because strength always comes with practice, and the more you practice, the better your hand grip will be.

For those who don’t know how to improve grip strength at home, using hand grippers is the most suitable option to get the job done.

2.     Dumbbell Hold

Dumbbell Hold

Another ingenious way to increase grip strength for pullups is by holding the dumbbell in your hands.

Now comes the question, what should be the weight of the dumbbells? Is that what you are thinking right now?

Well, it is recommended to start with the weight you can hold without losing your comfort and gradually increase it based on your increased strength.

Make sure you stand tall, hold dumbbells in your hands, and try standing for as long as possible. It is suggested not to let your body move forward because there is a good possibility that you will lose your dumbbell grip in this manner.

When you feel confident that you can stand tall with dumbbells in your hands for a certain time period, your next goal should be to increase the time limit to get the desired results.

3.     Towel Pullups

Towel Pull-Ups

Are you eager to increase your grip strength for pullups at home? Don’t you have time to go to the gym because you are always occupied with something?

Don’t worry at all because towel pullups are the most incredible grip-strengthening exercises that can be performed at home.

If you are a beginner, let us tell you one thing, this exercise will test your stamina and grip strength beyond your imagination. So, make sure you don’t feel surprised if this workout is too hot to handle for you.

All you need is a pullup bar and 2 towels to perform this exercise. To get things going, throw the towel over the pullup bar and start pulling yourself up. If you don’t have the strength to pull 2 towels simultaneously, you can use both hands to pullup in the beginning. And when you completely nail it, you may start pulling 2 towels together to build your pullup strength.

After doing regular pullups, it is advised to perform around 3-4 sets of towel pullups to see a significant improvement in your grip strength for pullup.

4.     Hang, Hang & Hang

Hang To Increase Pull-Up Strength

As fitness freaks, we know it’s great to try different grip-strengthening workouts and exercises to get on top of the world, but sometimes, simple things can help you reach your goal.

Have you ever wondered how important it is to hang from the pullup bar after doing a workout? If you aren’t doing it, you are missing something really significant as far as improving grip strength for pullups is concerned.

When you workout after doing rounds of exercises, you will challenge your grip strength at the maximum level, and it’s one of the easiest yet suitable ways of taking pullup strength to the next level.

Initially, your primary objective should be to hang from the bar using the parallel or wider grip for a minimum of 60 seconds. Although hanging from the bar for approximately 1-minute won’t be easy for you, but staying consistent will be the key to success.

After doing a round of 1-minute, rest for a while, and then again hang yourself, but this time, for more than 1 minute.


We hope you have understood all the ways to increase your grip strength for pullups.

The discussed exercises and workouts could be performed inside the home, so the individuals who don’t like going outside after coming back from the offices can rely on them to see a significant boost in their pullup grip strength.