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5 Back Thickness Exercises To Add Out-Of-The-Ordinary Size & Power

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If you're looking for an out-of-the-ordinary way to increase your size and power, consider trying back-thickness exercises.

Having a strong, muscular back can give you immense amounts of confidence as well as allow you many activities that may have previously been difficult or impossible.

From energetic sports to routine tangible tasks like carrying furniture or heavy shopping bags – having a powerful back gives any individual the physical foundation to make these actions significantly easier.

In this article, we will explore 5 highly engaging and empowering back thickness exercises that anyone can add to their fitness regime to gain true strength and explosive power.

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Best Back Thickness Exercises & Workouts

Let’s have a look at the best back thickness exercises and workouts to add width to your back:

1. Deadlift


The deadlift is one of the best back thickness workouts that is renowned for its capacity to increase the size and strength of the muscles in the back and legs.

It provides considerable tension throughout the back and entire torso despite not directly working the back muscles through a wide range of motion, making it a distinct and efficient exercise for adding mass.

How To Do Deadlift?

  • Position a heavy barbell such that it is directly over the knot in your shoelaces while you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart in front of you.
  • While holding the barbell with a tight, palms-down grip just outside shoulder width, drive your hips back and allow your knees to bend slightly.
  • Maintain a stiff back and torso and a straight arm position.
  • Stand up straight by driving your legs into the ground and pulling your chest and shoulders up to raise the bar.

2. Inverted Row

Inverted Row

As you don't have to lift your entire body weight with the inverted row, it might be a good bodyweight back thickness exercise for beginners.

Due to its minimal equipment requirements—just a strong bar and a stable platform for support—the back-width exercise is also incredibly helpful for home training.

How to Do the Inverted Row?

  • Affix a bar to a sturdy rack. If you're lying on the ground, adjust the bar's height so you can just barely reach it.
  • Overhand, hold the bar while lying under it.
  • A stiff plank position is achieved by locking your arms and forming a straight line with your body from your head to your heels.
  • Raise yourself by pressing your chest toward the bar as you bring your elbows down toward the floor.
  • Reverse to the starting position by carefully lowering your body weight.

3. Landmine Row

Landmine Row

The core, low back, and glutes/hamstrings all get a workout with this exercise because stability is crucial throughout the entire body.

Different muscle groups are stressed at the top position of this back thickness exercise than in traditional barbell or dumbbell rowing because of the bar's unique leverage as it moves along a slightly inclined route rather than totally vertically.

How To Do Landmine Row?

  • Try sliding a barbell into the attachment sleeve of a landmine or jamming it into the wall.
  • You should place one foot on either side of the barbell and a few inches below the weight plates as you stand over the barbell.
  • Attach a landmine rowing machine to the barbell's front and grab the grips.
  • An alternative to using the landmine row attachment is to wrap a rope handle or a V-bar attachment around the bar directly behind the weight plates.
  • Keep your legs bent and your hips hinged.
  • Keep your abdominals in and your spine straight.
  • Assemble your hands at your waist and pull.
  • Loading the bar with smaller 10-pound or 25-pound plates instead of heavier 45-pound plates will increase the range of motion.

4. Cable Trap Shrug

Cable Trap Shrug

If you are looking for the best exercises for improving back thickness and width, consider this ingenious workout to get the results you are after.

Free weights, like dumbbells or barbells, are commonly used when performing shrugs. However, you may use a cable pulley to increase muscle activation.

How to Do the Cable Trap Shrug?

  • Get in the middle of two low cable pulleys and hold on to one handle on each pulley with bent knees.
  • Be centered as you bring your shoulders up and in toward your ears.
  • Don't use your legs as pedals or your torso as a swing.
  • Reverse the motion slowly while maintaining control of the weight.

5. Cable Rope Pullover

Cable Rope Pullover

The cable rope pullover, also known as stiff-arm pulldown, is an excellent exercise for thickening your back.

Cable rope pullovers necessitate an awkward arm position for those with limited shoulder or upper back mobility, but this variation eliminates the need to stretch your arms overhead.

How To Do Cable Rope Pullover?

  • Position yourself in front of a high-pulley cable station using a rope attachment in both hands.
  • Keep a gentle bend in your arms and lean slightly forward.
  • Keep your upper arms driven down and your abs taut to perform this exercise.
  • Attempt to bring the attachment as close to your hips as you can.
  • Reverse the motion with caution, being mindful of the weight.
  • When raising or lowering the weight, keep your arms straight.


After following these five back thickness exercises, you'll be on your way to achieving out-of-the-ordinary size and power.

It's essential to space out the workouts evenly over the week and include rest days when necessary.

With consistency and dedication, plus a concentration on proper form while performing the exercises, there's great potential to maximize the outcomes and obtain dramatic results. 

Additionally, it's recommended to utilize good nutrition habits along with plenty of hydration to help fuel your workouts.

Lastly, don't forget to navigate back frequently to this post as a reference guide for a safe and effective routine that targets building back thickness.

Stay determined, motivated, and focused on your fitness goals – they are achievable!