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7 Game-Changing Compound Arms Exercises For Adding Muscle & Strength

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Adding lean muscle and strength to your arms is one of the most rewarding aspects of strength training.

With compound arm exercises, you not only get to target multiple muscle groups in a single workout but can also push your limits as each exercise increases in intensity.

If you're looking for something new to add to your routine that will help build powerful arms and perform better during other activities, look no further – these 7 game-changing compound arm exercises are sure to take your fitness goals up a notch:

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Best Compound Exercises For Massive Arms

Let’s have a look at the top 7 compound arm exercises that will turn things around for your arms:

1. Gripzilla Tonado

The Gripzilla Tornado exercise provides a highly effective means of targeting forearm muscles and promoting their development through controlled curls.

Holding the Gripzilla Tornado firmly and adjusting the resistance allows users to tailor the intensity to their individual strength levels, fostering gradual progression.

The versatility in hand positions further enhances the exercise, enabling individuals to focus on specific muscle groups for a well-rounded and comprehensive compound forearm workout. 

How To Use Gripzilla Tornado?

  • Hold Gripzilla Tornado firmly, position roller at the bottom.
  • Set adjustable resistance for your strength level.
  • Stand upright, extend arms, and curl Tornado upward.
  • Flex wrists, contract forearm muscles, avoid jerky movements.
  • Hold briefly at chest level, then reverse the motion slowly.
  • Experiment with hand positions and personalize movements.
  • Gradually increase resistance for steady strength development.

2. Gripzilla Dynamo

Gripzilla Dynamo is a compound arm exercise for beginners that offers a customizable approach to forearm development with its adjustable resistance knobs.

The exercise's versatility extends to different hand positions, providing the flexibility to target distinct forearm muscles. The dual-directional rotations engage forearm muscles effectively in both forward and reverse movements, promoting balanced muscle activation.

Personalized movements further enhance the Dynamo's adaptability, offering a well-rounded approach to building forearm strength, improving wrist flexibility, and supporting overall arm functionality.

How To Use Gripzilla Dynamo?

  • Adjust resistance on Gripzilla Dynamo by rotating knobs.
  • Customize resistance for individual strength and fitness goals.
  • Choose hand position (horizontal, vertical, 45-degree angle).
  • Engage in dual-directional rotations for forearm muscle activation.
  • Get creative with personalized movements targeting specific areas.
  • Gradually progress by starting with comfortable resistance and increasing intensity.

3. Supinated Close-Grip Pull-Ups

Supinated Close-Grip Pull-Ups

Pull-ups performed with a supinated grip strengthen the back, arms, and abs and are a great way to engage the inner lats.

The biceps, lats, traps, and pecs are all worked during a set of close-grip pull-ups, making them an excellent arm compound workout for men and women.

How to do Supinated Close-Grip Pull-Ups?

  • Start by grabbing the pull-up bar with your underhands touching and your fingers a few inches apart.
  • Lie back and bend your elbows until your chin is over the bar, at which point you can elevate your torso.
  • Elbows should remain in the same spot from the beginning to the end of the sequence of events.
  • Next, slowly lower your body to perform the opposite motion.
  • At the bottom, inhale, and at the top, exhale.

4. One-Arm hammer Row

One-Arm hammer Row

This is probably the finest compound arm exercise to do at home because all you need is a dumbbell, and that’s it. It will help you have a bigger and more muscular if performed correctly.

How To Do One-Arm Hammer Row?

  • Choose a dumbbell that you can row for 15 repetitions.
  • Assume the same stance as you would for a typical one-arm dumbbell row.
  • Once you draw the dumbbell to the top, near your pecs, you'll perform a hammer curl rather than pulling back straight, like you would when rowing.
  • While you pause to contract your biceps, carefully extend your arm out to the side.
  • You are able to exert more pressure on the biceps because of your position and the support provided by your back muscles. This is because more weight is being used. As a result, your upper back will be burned.

5. Diamond Push-Ups

Diamond Push-Ups

Doing diamond push-ups is a great way to strengthen your triceps. With this no-equipment compound arm exercise, your triceps brachii will get a better workout than they would from a standard push-up because of the odd hand position required.

It can help you build stronger arms and get your body ready for exercises that focus on your triceps, including the close-grip bench press and the dips.

How To Do Diamond Push-Ups?

  • Go down on the floor on all fours with your flexed knees and toes. It is important to keep a straight line from your knees to your hips. The ideal distance for holding hands is slightly in front of the hip width.
  • Join your thumbs and index fingers to make a diamond shape.
  • To assume the push-up position, extend your legs straight and lift your knees off the floor. The ideal distance between your legs while standing is hip-width apart.
  • Next, lower your body slowly towards your hands by bending your elbows. You need to bring your elbows to your side.
  • You can undo the action by compressing your chest and extending your elbow.
  • Do the procedure multiple times.
  • For more of a challenge, you could try wearing a weighted vest.

6. Arnold Press

Arnold Press

The Arnold Press is widely considered one of the best strength training compound arm exercises because of its ability to build strong, sculpted arms.

The Arnold press is a variant of the standard shoulder press that emphasizes the front, medial, and posterior deltoids. It relies heavily on the deltoids to provide the necessary pressing force.

How To Do Arnold Press?

  • In either a seated or standing position, grab two dumbbells and maintain a straight spine and head.
  • Hold both dumbbells over your shoulders with your hands facing each other and your elbows pointed down towards the floor.
  • Start by twisting your wrist slowly through the top of the action while you press upward with wide, outstretched elbows.
  • While rotating your wrists forward, your palms will face you as you press the dumbbells overhead. At the peak of the motion, there should be a small bend in the arms.
  • Bring the weight down and slowly rotate the wrist back to the initial position to reverse the action.
  • Do this exercise multiple times.

7. Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk

Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk

Last but not least, the kettlebell farmer’s walk could be a game-changing compound arm exercise that will add muscle and strength to your arms.

The best thing about this compound workout is that you can do it anytime, anywhere.

How To Do Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk?

  • Use an overhand grip to carry a kettlebell of equal weight in either hand. Put your hands flat at your sides with your palms facing in.
  • Keep your feet hip-width apart and your back straight.
  • Strive to maintain a strong core as you walk the length of the room while carrying two kettlebells.
  • Be sure to keep your back straight and your abs tight the whole time. In other words, stare straight ahead.
  • As soon as you reach the end of the boardwalk, turn around and head back.
  • That’s a single repetition. It's time to do another set.

Final Thoughts

Developing compound arms exercises into your training routine will have numerous benefits, from added muscle and strength to improved muscular and bone health.

For those on a strength-gaining program, incorporating these five game-changing exercises will help achieve the desired results in a shorter period.

With an intelligently designed resistance program, constant form corrections, and progressive overload incorporated into a regular schedule, these seven compound arms exercises can be combined for amazing gains.

Remember which muscles are being recruited to ensure that the right area is being targeted at the right intensity level – this is the key to establishing long-term results and developing strong arms.