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Practical Exercises & Ways To Improve Your Hand Mobility

If you are unable to take care of daily chores, or have issues regarding stiffness, swelling, and pain in your hand or wrists, you better start paying attention to the hand and finger exercises.

There are plenty of exercises to improve hand mobility, and the best thing about most of them is that you can do them without leaving your place or having any sort of equipment.

While others hand-strengthening exercises facilitate the stretching of tense muscles and tendons, expanding the joint's range of motion. Other exercises focus on developing power and stamina by strengthening the muscles that surround a specific joint.

In this blog post, we will discuss several exercises that can help improve your hand mobility at home. We'll also provide tips on how to perform these exercises safely and effectively.

So, whether you're a fitness freak or an athlete, read on and give these exercises a try.

Best At Home Exercises To Improve Hand Mobility


Wrist Extension & Flexion

Wrist extension and flexion

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  • Lay your hand off the edge of the table, palm down, and place your forearm on a table on top of a rolled-up towel for padding.
  • The hand should be raised till a slight strain is experienced.
  • Go back to the beginning position.
  • Perform the same movements while bending your elbow at your side, palm upward.

Wrist Supination

Wrist Supination

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  • Place your arm at your side with the palm facing down, and the elbow bent to 90 degrees when standing or sitting.
  • Rotate your forearm until your palm is facing up, then down.

    Wrist Ulnar/Radial Deviation

    Wrist Ulnar/Radial Deviation

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    • Rest your forearm, thumb up, on a table with a towel rolled up for padding or on your knee.
    • Extend the wrist's complete range of motion up and down.

      Thumb Flexion/Extension

      Thumb Flexion/Extension

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      • Place your thumb in an outward position to start.
      • Return the thumb to its initial position after moving it over the palm.

        Hand/Finger Tenon Glide

        Hand/Finger Tenon Glide
        • Start by extending your fingers in a straight line.
        • Make a hook fist, then straighten your hand back out.
        • Make a tight fist and then straighten your hand again.
        • Straighten your hand; then make a fist.

          These are the best, easy, and most practical hand mobility-improving exercises to do at home.

          How To Improve Your Hand Mobility At Home?

          In the first half of the article, we discussed the best hand exercises for strength and mobility, and now, we are going to talk about some smart ways to take your hand mobility to the next level.

          Hand Grippers

          Hand Gripper

          Select a hand gripper with the appropriate amount of resistance. The gripper should be squeezed and pressed up until the handles come together.

          You can advance to a greater level of resistance once you can comfortably squeeze a gripper with low resistance.

          Finger Extensions

          Finger Extensor

          You can begin by putting your thumb and all of your fingers within the finger extensor. Then, try to stretch your fingers apart while simultaneously moving your thumb toward your wrist's direction instead of out to the side.

          Your grip strength and hand mobility will considerably increase after doing it for a while.

          Tennis Ball Squeeze

          Tennis Ball Squeeze

          All you require is a stress ball, which you must squeeze/squish with your thumb and pointer fingers.

          To greatly increase the mobility of your hand, be sure to work your way through each finger.

          It is advised to swap hands and keep performing the squeezes to get the results you are after.

          Over To You

          We hope you have liked all the exercises discussed to improve hand mobility, and the best part is that you can do it anywhere, at home, in the office, while traveling, etc.

          Moreover, hand grippers, finger extensors, and tennis ball squeezes are also recommended.

          What other hand mobility-improving exercises have you performed that have brought desired results?