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How To Improve Your Grip Strength For Deadlift? Top 4 Workouts & Exercises

A weak grip sucks, doesn’t it? It’s a real task to improve your grip strength, and when it comes to improving grip strength for deadlifts, you need to be super specific with the selection of exercises and workouts.

Would you like to know about the best possible and most effective deadlift-improving at-home exercises?

If so, we have listed the top 4 of them for you, and after you start doing them regularly, your grip strength for deadlifts will be skyrocketed, that’s for sure.

1.   One Arm Static Hangs

One Arm Static Hangs

Are you eager to improve your grip strength for deadlifts but don’t know where to start? Well, you can get the ball rolling with One Arm Static Hangs.

You will need a basic bar or possibly a squat rack to perform this exercise. Make sure the bar is positioned just as you would for a double overhand pull-up. After you have finished raising the bar, let go of one hand and try to hang for as long as possible.

Pro Tip: Don't just hang there because your major objective is to keep the tension in the working arm's upper back and shoulder muscles.

In the beginning, you could feel like your body is swinging a lot. If so, you can steady your body by holding onto the squat rack posts with your free hand.

One of the best ways to improve your grip strength for deadlifts is to hold most of the weight with your working arm.

One arm statics, unlike the farmer's walk or the db shrug, won't strain your spine, making this grip strength exercise a simple choice for someone who is just starting out in fitness.

Once you become used to it, you might start doing it for about 30 minutes, but the bar's material and thickness can greatly impact how well you perform and how long you can hang.

2.   Bench Squeezes

Bench Squeezes

Bench squeezes are great when it comes to deadlift grip-strengthening exercises and workouts.

Just get on your knees or hands and knees over a bench so that you are at a right angle to it. Put both hands on the bench's edge for support. Hold the padding firmly (not with your thumbs!) and squeeze for as long as possible.

Do you know why everyone loves this exercise? People who don't have time to go to the gym but still want to improve their deadlift strength can use it because it can be done at home.

3.   Dumbbell Shrugs

Dumbbell Shrugs

If you want to build a powerful grip, you can get creative with dumbbell shrugs to make things happen.

And doing this exercise is as simple as anything else because you must stand tall with a neutral spine holding dumbbells in your hands.

Getting a good, firm grip on the weights and lifting your shoulder blades as high as possible by contracting your upper traps is recommended to get the results you are after.

During the exercise, you should take care not to let your head protrude forward, and you shouldn't use weights that are so heavy that they prevent you from achieving the appropriate range of motion.

If you feel that your grip strength is superior to your trap strength, you can perform a static hold for the designated amount of time instead of the last deadlift repetition.

4.   Hand Grippers

Hand Grippers

If you haven’t used hand grippers to improve your grip strength for deadlifts, you better consider them now because they can produce results at will.

Let us tell you how to use these grippers; make sure you hold two spring-loaded handles in your palms and squeeze them to your best potential.

High-resistance grippers don't need to be used first because you could need assistance to even fully press them. The ideal course of action is to select a resistance level that best suits your total strength; after you begin pressing and squeezing it fully, move up to a greater resistance level.


Even though we are aware of how difficult it can be to increase your grip strength for deadlifts, the aforementioned workouts and routines can help.

You don't need to go to the gym to grow and improve your grip strength because anything can be done at home, including one-arm static hangs, bench squeezes, dumbbell shrugs, and hand grippers.

Do you know some other exercises to improve grip strength for deadlifts that a beginner can start with?

If so, the comments section is all yours.