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No Weights, No Problem: The Ultimate Guide to Building Grip Strength with Hand Grippers

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Building Crushing Grip Strength Without Weights: Gripzilla Ultimatum Gripper Kit Tutorial:


Grip strength is an important aspect of our physical health that is often neglected. However, it is essential for daily activities such as lifting heavy objects, playing sports, and even for simple tasks such as opening a jar or carrying groceries. In this video tutorial, we will introduce you to Gripzilla, a hand gripper kit that can help you develop your grip strength without weights.

Starting with 50 Pounders

To begin with, we start with the 50 Pounders. First, put the dog leg in the inside of your palm and hold the gripper high inside your hand, so when you squeeze it, both ends at the bottom will touch. It is important to take it slow and get a full range of motion.

Exercises for Developing Grip Strength

One exercise that works well with hand grippers is to close the grippers and pronate your forearm twice in a row. This motion can help work the muscles in the forearm, giving you a full workout.

Moving Up to 100 Pounders

Next, we move up to the 100 Pounders. For beginners, it can be tough to close at first. So, set the gripper to help you close it more easily. After that, let the gripper open all the way for a full range of motion in the squeeze. This exercise is great for working the inside of the forearm.

150 Pounders

If you are having trouble squeezing at this level, try using both hands to squeeze the gripper, and slowly let it go. This exercise can help you advance to the next level if you are having difficulty moving on to one. Another beneficial exercise with hand grippers is inverted holds. It can be much more difficult to hold the grippers this way than the traditional way.

Strengthening Your Three Fingers

The three last fingers can be a big reason why you are not advancing in hand grippers. Strengthening these fingers can make exercises like farmer carries a breeze for you. In farmer carries, keep your hands closed while carrying weights. This exercise will help strengthen your three fingers, making it easier to perform other exercises.

Advancing to Stronger Hand Grippers

Once you have trained your hands in this fashion and feel like you can almost close the more difficult grippers, you can use the hand-on-the-waist method. This method can help you develop even more grip strength.

Foam Fittings on the Handles

If you find the plain handles uncomfortable, you can opt to use foam fittings on the handles. They are more comfortable to squeeze because of the foam around the handles.


Take these exercises and build up your forearm strength. Developing grip strength can make a significant impact on your overall physical health. With the Gripzilla Ultimatum Gripper Kit, you can easily develop your grip strength without weights. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete, these exercises can help you achieve your grip strength goals.