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4 Grip Strengthening Workouts To Up Your Rock-Climbing Game

For rock climbers, grip strength is everything because they cannot even find their feet in this domain without an out-of-the-ordinary grip strength. 

Are you new to the climbing industry? Don’t you know how to increase your grip strength for climbing? 

If you have answered yes to both these questions, let us tell you that there is a plethora of ways to take your climbing grip strength to a whole new level, and we are about the discuss them in a detailed manner: 

1. Hand Grippers

Hand Grippers

Have you ever thought of using hand grippers to increase your grip strength for climbing? If not, you are suggested to get it done sooner rather than later to greatly improve your overall grip strength. 

Using grip crushers is extremely simple because all you need to do is squeeze and press the gripper as hard as you possibly can. 

As a beginner, starting this exercise with high-resistance grippers will not be possible, which is why starting with a low-resistance gripper is most suited for you. 

When you feel that pressing and squeezing a basic level grip crusher has become a piece of cake for you, you can move on to the more difficult and advanced grippers. 

Make sure you do 5-10 reps per hand to get the desired results. 

2. Finger Extensions 

Finger Extensor

Finger extensions are great when it comes to improving the strength of your hands and forearms.

It doesn't matter how enthusiastic you are, it will not be possible for you to stretch your fingers to their fullest potential, and this is where finger extensions can prove to be handy. 

We recommend our readers purchase a proper finger extension band, but if you cannot afford one right away, you may get things going with a thick rubber band. 

Don't you know how to use finger extensions? You can start by inserting all of your fingers, including your thumb, into the band. After that, you should make an effort to spread your fingers apart while simultaneously dragging your thumb toward the direction of your wrist rather than out to the side.

After doing it for a while, your rock-climbing grip strength will improve significantly. 

3. Barbell Finger Curls 

Barbell Finger Curls

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With the help of this amazing grip-strengthening workout, you can build your finger tendons and forearms, which is exactly what’s needed to improve grip strength for climbing. 

Stand with your arms hanging straight down at your sides while grabbing a barbell with both hands and your palms facing outward. You should let the bar slip down your palms until you are simply hanging onto it with your fingertips. Press your palms together and curl the bar back up to its starting position.

Although it will be difficult for you to perform this workout in the beginning, but with practice and commitment, you can nail it to perfection. 

Once you've mastered it, you can increase the weight to develop grip strength beyond your wildest dreams.

4. Climb More 

Gym Climbing

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Last but certainly not least, one of the best ways to increase your grip strength for climbing is to climb more. 

Climbing more often than not increases grip strength, builds stamina, and gives you the confidence to get over the rock before someone notices it. 

Nowadays, you can join climbing gyms where you will be exposed to plenty of challenges and routes to becoming a pro-level climber. Moreover, climbing a rock is always a risk, so for beginners who are thinking of getting into the climbing game, the use of climbing gyms is the most suitable and safe option. 

However, there will be a point when you feel that the mainstream training and exercises aren’t building your grip strength anymore, and that’s when you can make use of the aforementioned exercises, tools, and workouts. 

Final Remarks

The discussed are the best ways to increase your grip strength for climbing. What we love the most about all these ideas and ways is that you can do it at home, and after regular practice, you can become a pro-level rock climber. 

So, now is the time to start doing these climbing grip-strengthening exercises and workouts, and if there are other techniques that have worked for you, we would love to hear about them.