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How Grip Strength is Important to Your Health

How Grip Strength is Important to Your Health

Grip strength is a significant factor in the ability of you to lift weights as well as perform various tasks in your day-to-day life However, science suggests grip strength is also linked to overall health and longevity as we get older.

An 2018 UK study discovered that weak muscles (defined in this instance by the test of grip strength) was linked to an increased risk of lung disease, heart diseases and death in both women and men. Your grip is more vital than your ability to lift pickle containers.

"There are about 35 muscles in the hand and forearm which are directly connected to the strength of grip," according to Mecayla Frazer Director of Training at IFit, an online fitness platform offering exercises for treadmills, bikes, ellipticals , and more. She believes that engaging these grip muscles can boost your performance at the gym which allows you to perform greater, longer, and more effective lifts. On the other hand weak grip muscles can hinder your ability to push your limits in the gym.

Consider upright rows. While this exercise is primarily focused on muscles like the traps, rhomboids, and deltoid muscles, Froerer states that grip strength is vital to hold the weight throughout the exercise. "If your hands start to get tired and your grip starts to feel uncomfortable it is possible to stop your workout early, regardless of your back muscles' ability to continue."

Strengthening your grip could reduce the risk of injury as well as speed up the process of recovery. "Strengthening the connective tissue and muscles surrounding joints can improve the stability that the joint is," says Froerer. "The more stabilised the joint is there is a lower chance of injuries that could occur."

The majority of the things you do during your day requires hand strength and dexterity in some way. carrying grocery bags, opening jars or tying a shirt and lacing your shoes, and shaking hands with someone else. "Integrating specific exercises for grip strength in the gym will help improve the ability of a person to perform daily movements, increase the fine motor abilities, boost endurance, and help in the process of ageing," Froerer says. Froerer.

She also mentions that strong connective tissues and muscles that are found in the forearm and hand ensures that your joints are solid and healthy throughout every aspect of your life. The strength of your grip is an independent indicator of the bone's mass and is crucial for overall health both in and outside of the fitness centre.


The old-fashioned grip strengthening devices with two handles that are joined by a stiff coil could be effective, but they're not the only one in town. A few of your most-loved lifts already have great grip strength, however, you might consider adding other lifts to your arsenal. Froerer recommends these six movements to strengthen your grip.


Deadlifts can be a great method to test a variety of grips, according to Froerer. You can practice the double grip overhand and mix grip (where one hand faces out and the other towards the inside) as well as the hook grip in which you place your thumbs on the bar, and afterwards, wrap the fingers around your thumbs.


Take a few kettlebells, dumbbells, or weight plates and take a quick walk. It tests your grip when you try to walk with no drop of weight.


Take an EZ-bar or dumbbells or straight bar with your palms in the direction of downwards. "Focus to the highest portion of curling, with your arms starting at a 90 degree angle, and then ending directly in front of the shoulders" recommends Froerer.


The pull ups strengthen your grip in addition to your shoulders, back traps, lats, and back. If you find that pull ups are difficult, hanging off the bar will help you build the strength of your grip and endurance. If you're looking to spice up this exercise, Froerer suggests looping a towel around the bar, and then grabbing the ends using a neutral grip. lift yourself up.


With dumbbells in your hand and your palms facing inwards, turn your hands towards the sides of the body, in a neutral posture. When you are ready to go up you can rotate your palms upwards. Stop near the end of your curl and move your palms out and down , before lowering them back to where you started.


Attach a weight plate to the body's side for as long as you are able to. "This exercise is targeted specifically at your fingertips, and it is an excellent technique to increase your sport-specific performance," says Froerer.

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