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How To Lift More Weight To Unleash Your Beast Mode?

Weight lifting is integral to any athlete or fitness enthusiast's regimen. It not only helps you to build muscle and strength, but it can also help you reach your performance goals faster.

But if you find yourself stuck on a plateau, unable to lift more weight, then don't worry – there are many ways to increase the amount of weight that you can lift and maximize the results of your workouts.

In this blog post, we'll discuss how diet planning, consistency, warm-ups, hand grippers, and liquid chalk are essential for successful weight training sessions that will leave you stronger than ever.

So, here’s how you can lift more weights fast:

1. Start Small

weight lifting

One of the best ways to lift more weight without the fear of an injury is to start small.

At the beginning of weightlifting, your body won’t be ready for the heavy lifting, so it’s always a better idea to get things going with relatively smaller weights, and once you ace them fully, you may go to the heavyweight lifting.

The disadvantage of lifting heavy weights right from the get-go is that your body will be susceptible to wear and tear, and you may end up damaging your muscles.

2. Shave Your Warm-Up

Weight lifting warm up

The worst thing you can do is waste most of your energy on warm-up when you are looking to lift heavy weights with ease.

Let us give you a pro tip; the less is more when it comes to weight lifting warm-up.

It is also a good idea to go with shorter reps (maybe 3 at maximum) because the low reps are far better compared to higher reps.

We always encourage readers to shave up their warm-ups to ensure that their bodies get them ready to shift to higher weights without experiencing any injury.

Once you are done with the warm-up, it’s obvious that you will start lifting more weight at will.

3. Make Use Of Grip Strengthener

Hand Grip Strengthener

The right use of grip crushers/hand grippers will assist you in lifting more weight fast.

You must be thinking, how is this even possible, right? Well, here’s an explanation for you.

When it comes to weight lifting, the grip is everything, and irrespective of how properly built you are, it won’t be possible for you to lift more weight if your grip is all over the place.

And one of the best ways of building your grip strength is to make use of grip strengtheners.

Grip crushers do come in various resistances, and based on your level of strength; you may choose a resistance level of your choice.

4. Liquid Chalk Is Your Best Mate

Liquid Chalk for weight lifting

Last but not least, liquid chalk has to be your best bet if you want to lift more weight.

Before lifting, you are obviously suggested to perform plenty of exercises like deadlifts, pullups, etc.

During these exercises, your body will probably be exhausted, which will have a bad impact on your strength gains.

However, there is no need to worry at all because the liquid chalk is here to save your day.

Gain a firmer grasp on your routine by adding chalk to the mix. A quick rub of the liquid chalk between your hands and barbell gives you an extra grip – filling in those crevices, so there's no slipping or sliding even when lifting heavy weights.

You'll be amazed at how much more power, strength, and control comes from using a small amount of chalk: it’s like having superpowers.

5. Consistency Is The Key To Success

weight lifting consistency

Would you like to know how to lift more weight faster? Well, consistency is the key to success.

Most people try to overdo it when it comes to weightlifting; this is where consistency can make things happen better than your anticipation.

Let’s assume you are eager to have stronger bench presses, do you think that training for it once in a blue moon will get you to the results you are after? A HELL NO!

It is recommended to keep doing the workouts; this way, your body can adapt to what you’re planning to do in the best manner possible.

Moreover, you should clearly understand your weightlifting goals because you won’t know what muscles to target frequently without setting proper goals.

6. Pay Attention To Nutrition

Weight lifting nutrition

If you want to lift more weight at the gym, make sure you pay good attention to your nutrition.

It’s a wrong perception that only hitting the gym repeatedly will help you build your weight lifting strength because the combination of nutrition and hitting the gym is the best way to achieve your goals.

No matter how strong you are, your body will require a balanced diet to be prepared for pro-level weight lifting.

Now comes the question, what the diet of a bodybuilder must have?

Well, obviously, you should add protein in a significant amount, but that doesn’t mean that carbs and fats can be neglected. Adding carbs and fats will keep your body healthy and operational.

Over To You

Have you fully understood how to lift more weight at will?

We hope you do because these are the best weightlifting tips and tricks that can get instant results.

You need to pay attention to each and every point, meaning you cannot expect to start lifting heavier loads unless you tick all the boxes.

What other tips do you have on your mind that can help fitness freaks up their weightlifting game?

Share them with us in the comments section.


Why am I stuck lifting the same weight?

Plateaus can happen for a number of reasons, including not challenging your muscles enough, not doing the exercises correctly, or not fully recuperating from previous workouts. You might not be pushing yourself hard enough as a possible additional factor.

Should a beginner lift heavy?

You run the risk of suffering pulls, strains, and injuries if you attempt to lift high weights without first getting comfortable with lesser weights. It's vital that you start off small. To develop the proper form and become accustomed to the movement, begin with small weights.