STRATEGIES FOR IMPROVING HAND STRENGTH - Gripzilla - The Best Grip and Forearm Strength Exercises, Arm Wrestling Tools, Hand Grippers to Improve Grip Strength



Legendary arm wrestler Andrew "Cobra" Rhodes is surprisingly strong - he can lift a 20-pound weight with just his fingertips. For developing a steel-like grip, Cobra offers these tips:


Squeezing a ball or using the 5piece kit of Gripzilla is a good exercise that will strengthen your hand muscles. Hold in your hand a small ball, such as a tennis ball. If you can, squeeze as hard as you can. After each set, stretch your hand. Your ball size can be increased as you become stronger.


KEEPS SQUEEZING: Using old-fashioned hand grippers like those in the "Gripzilla Ultimatum" series is a great way to achieve massive grip strength, says Rhodes. There is nothing flimsy or plastic about these hand squeezers - they are made from solid metal, and they can withstand deeply challenging resistances.


WORRY ABOUT YOUR FOREARMS: Developing your forearms along with your hands is essential to achieving a strong grip on the arm-wrestling table. A good way to get your forearms in fighting shape is to perform wrist curls and reverse wrist curls.


USE A TRUE STRENGTH BUILDER: For Rhodes, pull-ups are the only strength-building exercise that can work the entire body. Among the benefits of these exercises are strengthening hand grip and strengthening the muscles of the arms, shoulders, and back. When you're in an arm-wrestling match, Rhodes suggests trying them all with different grips. You simply never know what your hand will be in.