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How To Improve Grip Strength At Home? 6 At Home Grip Strengthening Exercises

Are you new to the fitness industry and is eager to improve grip strength but going to the gym seems a bit too much in the start?

Don’t worry because you can kickstart your fitness journey by staying in your home.

There are a variety of exercises and workouts you can perform to improve your grip strength at home without any equipment.

Let’s find out the best possible at-home grip-strengthening exercises:

1. Stress Ball Squeeze

Stress Ball Squeeze

Stress ball squeeze is one of the best exercises to improve your grip strength at home without having any sort of equipment.

All you need is a stress ball, and you will be required to squish/squeeze the ball with your thumb and pointer fingers.

Make sure you progress through each finger so that the grip strength of your entire can be increased significantly.

To get desired results, it is recommended to switch hands and keep on repeating the squeezes.

It may seem easy and straightforward, and you may think that it’s a piece of cake, but after doing it for a while, you’ll feel the tension in your fingers.

Added Bonus: Squeezing the stress ball will obviously improve your grip strength, but at the same time, you’ll be able to get rid of stress.

2. Newspaper Scrunch

Newspaper Scrunch

We all love reading the newspaper, don’t we? How about we tell you that the newspaper can be used to improve your grip strength at home? Seems impossible? It isn’t.

Take a piece of newspaper in your hand. Start by picking up one of the corners with one hand and scrunching it up until it forms a ball.

Keep squeezing it until you feel a burn in your forearm muscles. Once one hand starts to burn, switch to the other.

In addition, you can shred the newspaper into strips because this simple workout is excellent for boosting grip strength at home.

3. Hand Crushers

Hand Crushers

If you want to strengthen your grip at home, using hand grippers is a great option.

Our readers are encouraged to give hand grippers a try for various reasons, including the fact that they are small and lightweight enough to be used while seated on a couch, watching television, or even talking on a cell phone.

To get started, pick a hand gripper with the appropriate level of resistance. Begin by squeezing and pressing the gripper until the handles meet.

Once you're able to squeeze a low-resistance gripper comfortably, you can progress to a higher level of resistance.

4. Wine Bottle Wrist Rotation

Do you want to improve your grip strength at home without any equipment? You can do it with the help of a simple exercise, “Wine Bottle Rotation.”

Hold the unopened wine bottle by the neck, keeping your upper arm close to your body and bending your elbow 90 degrees.

Move to the opposite side while rotating your wrist and the bottle until they are horizontal. Swap hands and continue walking.

As your grip strength increases, start with 10 reps and go up from there.

5. Bucket Carry

Bucket Carry

It is one of the easiest ways to improve grip strength at home because you don’t need to have dumbbells or other gym equipment to perform the Bucket Carry.

First, fill your bucket with water, or you may also use rice or stones to fill the bucket. Make sure you add enough water, rice, or stones so that you can at least carry the bucket.

After filling the bucket, start walking for around 15 seconds, take a rest, and then start walking again.

It is suggested to perform 3-4 sets of bucket carry and ensure you swap hands.

Once you feel your grip strength has improved, you can increase bucket weight, walking distance, and the number of reps.

6. Rubber Band Finger Extensions

Rubber Band Finger Extensions

Rubber band finger extension is a home exercise that is generally recommended to treat elbow pain, forearm pain, or muscle pain, but you can use it to boost your grip strength at home.

Simply wrap one or two rubber bands around the tops of the fingers and thumbs to secure them in place. Repeat opening and closing them for at least 20 times.

These are grip-strengthening exercises that can be performed while you are seated at your desk and numerous times per day.


There was a time when people thought only going to the gym or a fitness center was the only way to improve grip strength, but that’s not the case anymore.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any fitness equipment; you can perform all the aforementioned exercises and workouts to improve your grip strength at home.

Which one of them do you want to start with?