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7 Ingenious Tips & Tricks To Win Arm-Wrestling Matches At Will

Arm-wrestling is not all about strength, it’s a mixture of strength, tricks, and strategies.

If you want to win at arm-wrestling at will, you have to be spot-on with strength as well as psychological games and tricks.

Would you like to know the tricks and tips to win arm wrestling without experiencing any injury?

Get into the optimum stance with your dominant foot forward to win at arm wrestling. After that, hold on to your opponent's hand while maintaining your upper arm centered and tight to your body and try to exhaust them.

How about we discuss some pro tips that can help you win at arm-wrestling every time?  

Here are the top 7 of them:

1. Make Use Of Arm-Wrestling Tools

Arm wrestling handle

Obviously, plenty of arm-wrestling exercises can help you become a professional arm-wrestler; however, the use of grip-building and arm-wrestling tools is strongly recommended.

There is no doubt that you will have to compete with a muscular and heavyweight guy when we talk about pro-level arm-wrestling, so the use of tools along with exercises is the one way to find your feet in this domain.

2. Choose A Perfect Stance

Arm Wrestling Stance

One of the best ways to win at arm wrestling is to pay good attention to your stance.

People generally think sitting down is the right idea to win an arm-wrestling match, but that’s not the case. Ideally, you must be upright to leverage as much power as possible.

Arm wrestlers who are right-handed should stand with their leading leg (right foot) front and their torsos very close to the table to maximize their power.

3. Breathing is Important

Arm Wrestling Match

Stopping breathing is the worst possible move to make during an arm-wrestling match.

Your muscles will tire quickly from a lack of oxygen if you don't breathe normally, and you won't last long in the match.

Maintaining nasal respiration will provide you with a tactical advantage.

4. Beat Opponent’s Hand, Not The Arm

Arm Wrestling Trick

Do you know about the basic arm-wrestling techniques? Well, there are three of them; the shoulder press, the hook, and the top roll.

By utilizing the shoulder directly behind the arm, the shoulder press causes the opposing arm to be pushed down as if you were completing a triceps press down.

The hook is more intricate; it uses pulling motions to bend the wrist backward in addition to adjusting pressure from all sides.

Choose the top roll, which entails sliding your hand up your opponent's such that your grip is attacking the top area closest to the fingers for the maximum chance of success.

In doing so, he or she uses fewer major muscle groups to fight back.

5. Grip Can Make The Difference

Arm Wrestling Grip

Check to see that your elbow is not pointing in the same direction as that of your opponent. If the elbows are not slightly diagonal, there is an increased risk of injury because the forearm and wrist are not in their natural alignment.

This can be avoided by keeping the forearms and wrists in their natural alignment.

You can add strength to your hand grip by using High-Quality Grip Strengthener.

6. Wait For The Opening

Arm Wrestling

Would you like to know the trick to win at arm wrestling? You had better be patient and wait for the right moment to seize the opportunity to turn the tide in your favor.

One of the factors that contribute to arm-wrestling matches finishing more quickly than expected is the fact that some competitors attempt to win with their very first attempt.

As a professional arm wrestler, your major objective should be to determine when your opponent will start to relax.

You should hold out for your opponent to make a mistake, and as soon as you spot an opening, you should immediately go in for the kill.

7. Try Screaming

Arm Wrestling Screaming

One of the strongest arm-wrestling tricks to win matches unexpectedly is screaming.

It is stated that arm-wrestling contains many mental and psychological tricks and that your opponent will likely become distracted when you scream. At that point, you should capitalize on the opportunity.

Some phrases, such as "You're not strong enough" or "I'm too hot for you," can be effective.

Wrapping Up

Have you liked the discussed tips on winning an arm-wrestling match every time? We are sure you do, and we’d like to know the best trick that stood out for you.

Moreover, do you have any other tip or trick in your mind that one can use to get the upper hand in the arm-wrestling match?

The comments section is all yours.


What makes a good person at arm wrestling?

Arm wrestling requires the development of strong forearms, biceps, and triceps. Hand grippers can aid in the development of hand and finger strength. Wrist curls strengthen the forearms. Curls using dumbbells work the biceps.

How often do arm wrestlers train?

At least, arm-wrestlers must have their hand and wrist training twice a week to compete and eventually perform well in arm-wrestling.

What should you not do in arm wrestling?

Keep your hold firm throughout the match, but don't use so much force that you crush your opponent's hand. Keep your arm in a straight line with your shoulder and perpendicular to your torso when engaging in arm wrestling to limit the likelihood of damage.