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What is the Point of Sandbag Training?

What is the Point of Sandbag Training?

While the objective of any kind of training approach is defined by the individual as well as their goals, sandbag training is particularly great for functional strength and also conditioning.

Unlike various other techniques that need certain form and method, GripBag Sandbag are extremely simple tools that can be utilized by almost anybody as long as you understand exactly just how to get a weight appropriately i.e. straight back, core tight, knees tracking over your toes, etc.

The secret to the efficiency of sandbag training involves the moving of the sand itself. Throughout regular sets with other executes like kettlebells, you can enter a "groove" while lifting the weight, making the set less complicated as you begin to move.

On the other hand, the shifting nature of the weight within a sandbag makes that flow difficult; every lift resembles the initial representative of a set. This makes the exercise a lot more tough by involving your stabilizer muscular tissues over as well as over once again.

If you're trying to find strength training, you simply need to get a much heavier GripBag Sandbag and also focus on lower rep sets. If you wish to include conditioning, get a lighter GripBag Sandbag as well as add reps and also intensity. Pretty straightforward! 
The great thing about our Sandbag is that the weight is totally adjustable up to 70lbs which is plenty for any type of workout you put your mind to.

What Sandbag Weight Should I Begin With?

Adjusting your weight with GripBag Sandbag Fillers makes the exercise much easier.

The weight of the GripBag sandbag depends upon several aspects including your capability {level, training experience, as well also objective.

The good news is, GripBag sandbags are extremely flexible; GripBag sandbags made particularly for physical fitness applications usually include filler bags that you can differ in weight depending upon your routine.

Also if you have a homemade sandbag, you can still lighten the load by putting out some sand which turn out messy but who cares.

GripBag Sandbag Training for Conditioning

Let say you're familiar with kettlebell training, you utilize a 16kg (35lb) kettlebell for many or the majority of lifts, as well as you're aiming to improve your conditioning level and also fat loss.

In this scenario, I would certainly recommend to deload your GripBag sandbag to a capacity of 10-50 pounds.

Unlike your kettlebell, the sandbag will certainly be mostly lifted with 2 hands, enabling you to make use of at least as much weight as you normally would with your kettlebell.

Several of the conventional lifts, such as the Clean from the Ground, might be harder due to the floppiness of the bag depending upon how much you fill it, but not to worry!

GripBag Sandbags can hold more than just sand! If you wish to make them tighter making high rep like carrying easier, just fill up the void with various other item like old blankets or clothes. 

You'll still get the weight-shift you desire from sandbag training without the tendency for the bag to flop onto your back or arms. 

An additional point to consider with sandbags for conditioning is whether the sandbag has handles.

Considering that you intend to lift with intensity for higher repetitions, I would recommend that the GripBag sandbag has at least one set of handles, either at the ends or throughout the middle.

The handles make gripping and also throwing the sandbag much easier, enabling you to focus on the complete body movement, instead of your grip.